god, I used to do this all the time: take photos of my community. There was one year in my early twenties when I refused to leave my home without a 35mm prime lens and a small but decent nikon d3100 in my hands. Emilee Guevara was my muse, Anita MacFarlane too, Siobhan Stewart, Lindsay Tattersall. Women of colour mostly. We’d hit joints and play jazz and I’d sit back and watch people move through a room. It was good practice, capturing intimacy. It's how I got better.


Then I started working. Engagements, headshots, weddings. It's a different kind of satisfaction, connecting with clients, but the work changed my relationship with photography. These days I don’t bring my camera around anymore. It’s a tool for my job, and I need the time away.

I've missed the pleasure and marvel of capturing friendship. So this night felt real good. Free. I just happened to come straight from a shoot to this sweet qtpoc collective home, just happened to have a camera in my hands. 50mm prime lens, full frame d610. Different set up, same feeling.


#toqueerfriendship #queersgettingreadyseries