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My name is K; I also go by Kay. 

I use they/them pronouns, as well as she/her pronouns professionally.


I am a photographer, writer, friend, and enthusiastic introvert. I love riding my bike and eating obnoxiously munchy things in public. I'm grateful to live on the unceded and occupied territories of the Coast Salish peoples.


Thanks for visiting my website! Here's some info about my work and values:




I picked up a camera ten years ago because I was curious about people.


Since then, I’ve discovered photography to be a joyous medium to tell stories. These stories are often about love, recognition, struggle, and self. When I heard that a translation of photography is “to write with light,” everything about that quote felt right to me.


As a queer artist of colour, I photograph people from all directions of life. My work spans across – and celebrates – identity and difference. My goal is for every person to feel represented and seen in my photos, and I believe in the power of the image to build connection across communities.




I am a self-taught artist, which means I've developed my process through lived experience, intuition, and feedback. My core values include client agency, body-positivity, sex-positivity, fat liberation, and consent, and my shooting approach is relationship-based: I'm invested in your story in addition to the images we create together. I want us to have fun, and I also want to capture the shot that holds up a mirror to you.

You can check out some kind words about my work and process here

Ten years later, I’m just as curious about people. I can't wait to meet you!


​- K -


Ps. Plant is not included. Unfortunately.


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